stormlogoJPEG   Storm Shield Tornado Shelters “state of the arts” collection of in ground tornado shelters brings proven features together from a variety of sources in the industry.  Our storm shelter designs are continually scrutinized in every detail by our staff to insure that FEMA and National Building Code Design Criteria for underground storm shelters and their installation are being adhered to.  The Storm Shield Tornado Shelters meet the FEMA standards required for entry, stairs, hand rails, seating capacity space, ventilation and ground coverage.  

Contact our knowledgeable staff for more information on the ultimate in severe storm protection for you and your family.  Storm Shield Products carry a 5-year warranty, durable ‘no rust’ fiberglass construction, easy-open doors with dual pneumatic cylinders and stainless steel hinges, safety handrail along stairs, non-skid walking surface on stairs, carpeted floor, heavy duty interior door locks, well ventilated compartments, mold/mildew resistant interior, comfortable molded-in bench seating, accommodates adults, children and pets.

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DSC_1600 Storm Shield 6, provides seating for 6 to 10 adults, easy installation, durable no-rust fiberglass construction.Shown here with door open utilizing an easy-open pneumatic cylinder.  Click photo to enlarge
DSC_1599 Storm Shield 6, cutout here shows interior seating area.  Click photo to enlarge
web-steel garage large sideview

Storm Shield In-Floor Steel Safe Room
This unit is designed to be installed in the floor of a garage or shop.

 web-in-garage floor installation - tamping-backfill          81_New

 earth shelter 1 Earth Storm Shelters
Pictured here is an above ground storm shelter.  The Earth Storm Shelter has been tested and certified to meet or exceed FEMA code(s) 320, 361 and International Code Council (ICC) code 500.  All testing was performed at Texas Tech University, Wind Engineering Research Center.  The Earth model was impacted with laser guided debris from an air cannon to simulate conditions equal to an EF-5 Tornado. Click Photo To Enlarge
Earth Room Display RT Earth Storm Shelters
Pictured here is the display unit located at Pierce Supercenter, 621 South Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau, MO  63701.
Earth Room Door RT Earth Storm Shelters
Pictured here is the inside of the door on the display unit located at Pierce Supercenter, 621 South Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau, MO  63701.

seating graphic final